The perfect blower to inflate your KNOCKRZ, or to dry off your bike.

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The perfect blower to inflate Knockrz or dry your bike off after a wash down. Our blower was designed to blow up Knockrz quickly and efficiently to ensure the best support system for your motorcycle. Knockrz blower is different from other pumps because it comes with a battery harness adapter so you can hook it up to your motorcycles trickle charger and blow up Knockrz anywhere your bike can go.

Includes: blower, extended nozzle, battery harness adapter and car plug adapter.
Knockrz sold separately

*12 Volt DC system (must upgrade fuse to 20 amp)
*5 foot power cord for car plug
* Adapter for car plug to battery harness/trickle charger connection
*Harness for motorcycle battery (can be used with most trickle chargers with upgraded fuse to 20 amp)
*Comfortable Carry handle
*Extended nozzle attachment included