Here at Knockrz, we don’t like to risk the safety of our beloved motorcycles. We protect our bikes with an insurance policy on the open road, and also with some peace of mind insurance for when they are transported. Crazy enough, not every state in the U.S requires motorcycle coverage. Motorcycle insurance shopping can be confusing and time consuming, so Reviews.com has created a comprehensive break down on shopping for motorcycle insurance. If you’re looking for a new policy, or thinking about changing your existing policy it’s a great informative article worth reading.

Here is their “30 second review”

Best Overall
Progressive : Quotes are easy to get online, and premiums are always competitively priced. Coverage options are numerous, and the claims process is streamlined and digitized.

Other Top Picks

Regardless of if you live in a state that requires motorcyclist insurance or not, we believe it’s worth it to pay a few bucks each month to protect yourself and your motorcycle. You can read the rest of the article here and find a lot of other helpful tips on choosing an insurance policy that works best for you.

Another type of “Insurance” Review.com didn’t mention is Knockrz! You can never be too safe when it comes to transporting your motorcycle. Knockrz are there to support you in the event that anything comes loose or fails while in transit.


You wouldn’t believe the horror stories we hear at each event we attend…

“I opened the trailer and found my bike laying on the ground.”

“A strap came loose…”

“The hardware came loose…”

“The strap broke…”

“The handle of the motorcycle went through the side of the trailer…”

Or the saddest of them all

“The strap came loose on one bike and dented up the other bikes in the trailer.”




For and affordable price you can have peace of mind when you transport your motorcycle with a set of Knockrz! 🙂

IMG_7953 copy


To learn more watch this video, find us on Facebook, or shop now!



At the end of the day we just want your motorcycle to be a part of a safer world. 🙂



– Knockrz Team


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