A Story About KNOCKRZ


In 2014 during an epic trip to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally a father and his son were day dreaming about starting a company where they could play with Knockrz and motorcycles all day. Bill, the worlds coolest dude and father, had an idea in his head for a few years now and finally had the time to bring it to life. A few short weeks later they decided to make that dream their reality. They worked very hard ( while taking long motorcycle drives and Daytona rally breaks when needed, of course.) They came up with Knockrz- The Plan B to stop your bike from getting knocked up if you get too drunk- just kidding. They will stop your bike from getting knocked up when you have to transport it to its destination. We don’t know if you’re transporting it to a rowdy motorcycle rally, or down the street to a garage because you can’t get the darn thing started. We do know, wherever you’re transporting it to, we want to make sure your motorcycle is safe and supported with a nice set of Knockrz. Every motorcyle needs a set!

Our Knockrz come in one size – DD – and they fit comfortably in most motorcycle trailers, open trailers, and truck beds.

One Comment on “A Story About KNOCKRZ”

  1. Hi guys,

    We saw your Knockrz last year in Florida and since then wondered why we didn’t have them in Canada.
    After talking to a few stores and with some bikers, it seems there could be a market to open.
    do you already have a partnership with a company in Canada? in Ontario and Quebec?

    Perhaps we can talk to see how this could work, if it could work?

    Take care!

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