Cliff Jumping at Greeter Falls, Tennessee


We’ve been incredibly busy the last month and a half. (Getting prepared for our road trip out to Sturgis, road-tripping to Sturgis, attending the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, road-tripping back to Florida, and then taking care of business since we’ve been home.)

We finally have a minute to breathe, and we want to start sharing little bits and pieces from our journey out to Sturgis with you. It was an epic one!

We left Jacksonville around 9am Saturday, July 25th. The guys were in front riding the Harley’s, and the girls were in the 4-Runner pulling the Knockrz trailer (which was loaded down with inventory.) We had a smooth ride to Atlanta, Ga, and then we got stuck in Rush hour Traffic. Will’s bike overheated, so we had to call it a day. We ate dinner at California Dreaming, stayed at a Hampton off 95 and woke up the next morning with the goal to make it through most of Tennessee.

Tennesse was a cool state to ride through. We took a few winding, hilly, back roads, and the weather was beautiful. We decided to take an adventure detour to a waterfall located between Chattanooga and Nashville, off highway 56.

Greeter Falls.


We parked the bikes and headed for the trail.


It was a short hike, less than a mile, but it was full of rock walls and scenic views. It even included unique aspects like a steep, spiral staircase that you had to walk down in order to get closer to the falls. All in all, we think its a pretty easy hike. We don’t recommend it if you’re afraid of heights. There aren’t any guard rails and there are a lot of sheer drop offs along the path.



2 beautiful views of Greeter Falls from the rocks below.

In the 1st picture you can see the rock cliff in the middle of the falls. That’s where we all cliff jumped from. We hiked up the tiny dirt trail that you can’t see in this photo (it’s to the left of the falls.) The trail takes you to a rock ledge that you can jump off of into the water. We heard from some locals that people sometimes jump from the top of the falls. Bills feet hit bottom when he jumped from the middle, so we weren’t going to risk any injuries. Plus, we were having a blast jumping from the middle. Why ruin a good thing? We each jumped off a few times, and then decided we needed to get back on the trail to Sturgis.

Greeter Falls was a hidden gem and a great way to spend an afternoon. We would all go back in a heartbeat. Watch the short video below Will created that highlights some of our favorite parts about this adventure!

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon! We will be sharing bits and piece from our Sturgis journey on here over the next few months!



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