We want to take the time to answer a few questions frequently asked about our Knockrz. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us via, 1-844-knockrz, or on Facebook.

1. What’s the point?

We hear the horror stories at every rally where minor to major damage occurred because something went wrong. Its when the unexpected occurs, an evasive maneuver or pothole, that everything involved in securing the motorcycle(s) gets stressed and sometimes they fail.

Knockrz are in addition to what you do today to secure your bike(s).  Sometimes the tie points are not optimal, or the proximity of the bike to trailer or bike to bike is just too close.  Knockrz fill the gap and offer the chance to avoid damage if something changes.

2. What are the dimensions?

We like to joke that our Knockrz only come in DD’s but the real measurements are 26″ x 20″ x 14″ and that is seam to seam. When fully inflated the ends round out a little bit larger to about 29″.

3. How do you keep them from scratching paint?

When it comes to our motorcycle we don’t want anything touching the paint, so we don’t recommend anything touching your paint. They are made of a SMOOTH heavy duty, reinforced PVC material with a rubber, vinyl coating. We tested the Knockrz on the chrome and metal of our motorcycles on a haul to and from Sturgis from Florida, and a few thousand miles traveling to events. We didn’t experience any scratching or scuffing. The PVC material is rather “sticky” so the contact points are less likely to move, reducing or eliminating a rub point. The movement happens out in the middle of the bag area.

Many of our customers have mentioned that they would place a microfiber towel at the point of contact between the Knockrz and motorcycle. We have not tested this and that decision is up to you. Not recommended by us.

Main thing is to keep all contact surfaces clean and use the Knockrz in a way you are comfortable.

4. How do you inflate them?

When you purchase a set of Knockrz our 12vDC blower is included. It conveniently is powered by the motorcycle battery via the trickle charger harness, or using a cigarette lighter outlet. Plug it in to the power source of your choice and inflate to fill the gap.  Its not about air pressure (they have less than one pound when inflated), it’s about volume.

              *Make sure to upgrade the fuse in the harness to the 20amp fuse provided.

5. How long will they stay inflated?

We test every Knockrz to remain inflated for at least 4 hours. You should check them when you stop for fuel and/or to check your straps. They will lose some volume overnight.

6. What happens with altitude changes?

We have learned from a customer that altitude changes will impact the Knockrz.  Before an increase in altitude of  2000′ or more, slightly deflate the Knockrz to avoid possible failure by overinflation.  In reverse, when a decrease in altitude occurs, you should check and inflate as needed when the lower altitude point is reached.

7. Can I buy Knockrz in stores, eBay and/or amazon?

Currently, no. The only place to purchase Knockrz is through our online store at .

If you own a motorcycle shop and would like to be a dealer for Knockrz please contact us! 1-844-knockrz

8. Will Knockrz work in my toy hauler?

Yes, and no. If you’re transporting 2 motrocycls then yes, they will fit the majority of the time. If you are hauling one motorcycle offset then the dimensions of the knockrz won’t fill up the larger space, but will fill the shorter gap.

Some of our customers purchase 3 knockrz and use the 3rd one to fill up more space between the wall and the motrocycle so they can then use 2 Knockrz to support the bike. We have not tested this technique yet so it is up to you if you feel comfortable transporting your motorcycle that way.

9. How much weight can they hold?

They have been compression tested in an independent lab to consistently hold more than 500 pounds of compression.

10. How thick is the material?

It is a 5mm nylon reenforced PVC material that is pretty tough against blunt objects.  I tried pushing a small philips head screwdriver through it at our booth to demonstrate how tough it is and it far exceeded our expectations.

11. Why don’t you just ride your motorcycle?

Riding your bike is ALWAYS the preferred method! Sometimes life just doesn’t give you the time or opportunity to ride to and from rallies.



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