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Over the last three years, we’ve been developing the concept of our inflatable system to protect your motorcycle IF or WHEN you ever have to transport it.

We know “trailers are for boats” and all the other phrases to support what we all know…riding the bike is preferred! Fact is, like it or not, sometimes trailering is the best option to still get some riding in somewhere.

Knockrz are a product in addition to chocking the tire and strapping the bike down. They do work.  Maybe not for everyone or every configuration, but they do work.  We also have found while talking to thousands of bikers at rallies and using them ourselves that we could make them even better than the original limited production.

To help us in the final development and manufacturing of the newest version, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign.  It’s a crowdfunding approach where the backers (you) not only help us fund the work, but also get some great discounts on products we offer!  Win win!

Click on the link below and see our campaign!  Become a “backer.”  Thanks in advance for all your support!


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