Think of a typical “Biker.”

What did you just imagine?

Bikers use to be portrayed as middle aged men, with long beards, wearing a lot of black and leather.

That image has evolved over the year.

When it comes to motorcycle riding apparel there’s an endless variety of helmets, gloves, clothes, glasses and shoes on the market. The majority of items you will find are black, or leather… or black and leather. We love black and leather, but its nice to switch things up every once in a while.

Here are a few of our favorite company’s, and items they offer that have a fresh, unique vibe for motorcycle riders of the 21st century.


Bonanza Open Face  – There are 16 different color options for this style of safety shell on the Biltwell Inc, website. Will rides with the flat black style for a clean look on his murdered out sportster. They offer different styles of helmets if you aren’t into the open face.

Biltwell is one of our favorite companies. They produce quality motorcycle parts, helmets, and clothing. They also have an awesome presence on Instagram. If you are not already following them… you should go do that right now!


Kristin wearing the Biltwell helmet, because Will thinks he is too cool for helmets.


There are 19 fun, funky, retro styles available in the 3/4 shell on Daytona Helmets website. Kristin rides with the blue sparkly helmet for a stylish, girly look. They also offer different styles of shells if you don’t like the 3/4 helmet.

Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Whatever style/brand of helmet you choose, make sure its a DOT approved shell.


Here at Knockrz we LOVE the bubble Shield! With 13 different colors to choose from it’s an easy and affordable way to give your helmet a new look. We have 3 different colors in our motorcycle cave; the chrome shield, the smoke shield and the rainbow shield. When rocking a bubble shield you will have plenty of rad photo opportunities.

We are working on collecting all 13 colors 🙂

IMG_5340 copy

The Rainbow Shield


The Chrome Shield


The Smoke Shield

Moto & Coffee dates

Moto & Coffee dates

Sights on the way to Sturgis

Sights on the way to Sturgis


All of the gloves from Grifter are hand sewn and made in America. If thats not enough to persuade you to buy them, then the comfortable fit, and unique color options might.

We have 2 different pairs of Grifter Gloves in our Motorcycle cave; The Mercs and the Kuro Ranger

We plan on adding a pair of the Bandolero gloves to our collection very soon.

Grifter is a forward thinking company when it comes to moto-fashion, but a traditional company when it comes to quality and production of their gloves. That makes them B.A. in our books!

To learn a little more about the company check this out . You should also follow them on Instagram, or subscribe to their email list, because they constantly have 1 day sales.

The Kuro Ranger

The Mercs

IMG_5350 copy

Grifter has stylish riding gloves


Fuel makes performance socks that are comfortable and cool. The company started in 1990 and their foundation was built on supporting the Skate, Snow, Surf, and Moto lifestyle.

Our favorite style socks they offer are the Crew Socks . With over 30 different designs to choose from there’s a pair of crew socks for every style of rider out there. Each pair comes with a fun message on the bottom. We personally like this message the best..for some reason it speaks to us.


Fuel donates a pair of socks to the homeless for every pair you buy. They call it Sock Karma! A company that isn’t only in business for a profit, is a company we love supporting. They have a pretty rad Instagram worth following!

IMG_5354 copy


Rad relaxing

Rad relaxing

The motorcycle cave

The motorcycle cave


Knockrz was started by Bill Watson, an adventurer trapped in the corporate world. Bill then hired a beach bum, and a skater to help him bring the product to life. It makes sense that Vans are our favorite shoes for just about everything…including riding.

If you don’t own a pair of vans, you’re missing out. If you don’t know what Vans are…well, thats just crazy!  We have too many pairs of Vans to count. They come in a variety of design and colors. We like the hightops Sk8-Hi and the classic Authentic style best for when we ride.

Vans + Fuel Socks = BA

Vans + Fuel Socks = BA

Red high top Vans

Red high top Vans

Bill on his Fatboy, Harley Davidson!

Bill rocking a FatBoy and Vans


Affliction has some of the most comfortable riding shirts. The light weight material is perfect for riding on a hot summer day. Over that last few years we started a collection of Affliction Rally Shirts. At Sturgis the Affliction Rally shirt is hands down the coolest shirt you can get to prove you were at the rally. They are located at One Eyed Jacks right next to the tattoo shop. Besides the rally shirt they have a line called “Easyrider” for men and women, geared towards a motorcycle audience.


Check them out, they make a quality shirt.

Always remember, when you can’t ride it, transport it safely with a set of Knockrz!

Knockrz work in truck beds, open trailers, enclosed trailers and with multiple motorcycles.

Knockrz work in truck beds, open trailers, enclosed trailers and with multiple motorcycles.


What are some new fangled biker trends you dig? We would love to hear about your favorite motorcyclist companies, or products you like that have a modern vibe.



Knockrz is family owned and operated.

Bill Watson is the inventor and owner

Will Watson is the son of Bill. He does the sourcing for Knockrz. He is also the videographer, and photographer for the majority of content seen on here.

Kristin Batykefer is the Girlfriend of Will. She is the Director of Operations at Knockrz headquarters. She also manages the social media, and is the author of the blogs.

Barb Watson is the Wife of Bill Watson. She handles all the task that no one else wants to do, and makes sure the company doesn’t fall apart. Barb is the best!

The Knockrz team on our way to Sturgis

The Knockrz team on our way to Sturgis

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