“Out of Stock”

There has been an amazing and unexpected rush on our Knockrz since the 2017 Daytona Bike Week!

We are officially “Out of Stock” of Knockrz!

We have been working hard redeveloping the Knockrz for the last year.  The redevelopment has resulted in changes in dimensions and production techniques that will make them more versatile and durable. Unfortunately, we did not predict the rush on stock, nor the amount of time for redevelopment and delivery.

It is very important that the changes meet our expectations (many from our customers feedback) and tested by our team before a production run is made. That has been completed and the production order awarded.

Stay tuned for updates on the expected arrival time of our improved Knockrz! We are launching a Kickstarter campaign where you can take advantage of great deals on a nice set of Knockrz and other cool stuff (for those who don’t need some Knockrz to play with)!

We apologize for any inconvenience, but want to make sure we take full advantage to improve our products and to deliver products that exceed your expectations!

10 Comments on ““Out of Stock””

  1. I’ve owned one of your “first” set of Knockrz since 2014 from Sturgis.

    I want to order an pair, and I guess they are the “new and improved” Knockrz, how cool is that…………………..

    Please put me on your notice list when they are available, I want to be one of the first to get them go to Daytona 2018 knowing my bike(s) are safely riding securely, and should I say, comfortably to new adventures……

    Bring them on NOW,,,,,,,, I need me some KNOCKRZ!

    1. Hey Dusty, We’ll let you know! Pretty excited with the improvements. We hope to have them before Bike Week if all goes well, but want to make sure we get it right. Thanks for the good word!

  2. I couldn’t find your Kickstarter campaign. Can you provide a link to the Kickstart campaign or an idea of when these might be ready for purchase?

  3. I keep checking back and keep looking for updates. Our club has a trailer and I already sold everyone on getting these, now I just need to deliver.
    Any updates?

    1. Hey Rob, I’ve received some prototypes from the manufacturer…some good, some not so good. I wish I could say we’ll have some soon, but it’s going to be three to four months. I’m anticipating some more delays. We’ve made some changes that have been a bear to find the right manufacturer who will deliver the quality. We apologize for the delays and appreciate all the support you have given. We’ll certainly give you a strong deal when they come in.

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