Sioux Falls, South Dakota Visit

Sioux falls is roughly 6 hours away from Sturgis, South Dakota. It is a refreshing and easy stop if you ride out to the rally, or if you just happen to be around that part of South Dakota.

One of our side goals on this trip was to chase as many waterfalls as we could, so stopping here was a must! Boy are we glad that we did. The area has a Central Park feel to it, except with a huge beautiful waterfall in the middle!

Parking was easy, free, and a short walk away from the main viewing area. There are benches, green grass, and tree shade all over the park, making it a perfect place to stretch your legs on a summer road trip.  We sat on a rock and fed some friendly birds that were walking around.

The Knockrz team hanging out at Sioux Falls.

The Knockrz team hanging out at Sioux Falls.

Friendly little geese!  These geese were pretty cool with the people walking around and even posed for a selfie with the GoPro!

After a few minutes of relaxing we decided that we needed to do some filming with the GoPro, and fly the drone to get a better view of the falls. It was a windy day so it was a little scary flying the drone. We didn’t get the footage we would have gotten on a calm day. We still got some awesome clips of us train hopping and dangling our feet off the falls.


The view of the falls from a lookout bridge at the bottom.

IMG_3227You could get close enough to feel the mist and touch the foam… IF you were brave enough to do a little bit of rock climbing.

IMG_3241Or you could walk out and live life on the edge, if you aren’t afraid of heights! (Its actually safer than it looks.)

IMG_3228 “If you’re not living life on the edge…You’re taking up to much space!”


We loved Sioux Falls! Even though we couldn’t jump off of it, we still had a blast exploring the area!

Here is the sweet little GoPro video Will put together of our time at Sioux Falls.


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