The Best Looking Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Edition Fatboy You Will Ever See

Or at least we think so!

Each motorcycle event we attend we set up a display trailer. You have probably seen us at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Daytona Beach Bike Week, Easy Riders Convention in Charlotte, or Great American Motorcycle Show in Atlanta. It seems like every time we attend an event we get almost as many compliments on our Knockrz as we do on the motorcycle in-between the Knockrz.

We decided it was time Watson Creative and Knockrz joined forces to show off the beauty of our display bike…which really isn’t a display bike at all.

We also wanted to send some love to the inventor of Knockrz, Bill Watson. Bill is currently working in Sydney, Australia. He claims he misses his family the most, but we all know he really misses his motorcycle the most. Just kidding…Kind of!

Bill on his Fatboy, Harley Davidson!

Bill on his Fatboy, Harley Davidson!

We went to Katherine Abby Hannah Park in Jacksonville, Florida and filmed this video of his motorcycle, a beautiful 100 year anniversary edition Fat BoyHarley Davidson.

We used a DJI Phantom 4 drone and a Canon 70D to create this film. Check it out!


Transporting a rare beauty like this bike from show to show is risky business. If you own a motorcycle that you transport on occasion in an enclosed trailer, open trailer, or truck bed you should check out our new Motorcycle safety invention called Knockrz. They are inflatable air bags for whenever you transport your motorcycle.

Knockrz in action!

Knockrz are a new Motorcycle trailering safety device. They are inflatable air bags that support your motorcycle if a strap comes loose, or fails during transportation.

If you have a motobike, boat, house, car or really anything you want a custom video made for, contact Watson Creative. They do great work!

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